303 E Water St.
Farmerville, LA 71241
(318) 368-3296



Office Hours for Building Permit Applications are 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (we are open during lunch), Monday – Friday.

Office Location: Union Parish Courthouse

Address: 100 E Bayou St., Suite 102 / Farmerville, LA 71241

Phone: 318-368-0911

We will need the name of the road or street where you need the new 911 address and the approximate footage from your nearest 911 neighbor when you request a building permit application.

Fees for applications:

  • New address (new home or mobile home application) is $40.00 which will include a 911 yard sign. For new addresses inside the Farmerville City Limits the fee is $50.00 and this includes a 911 yard sign.
  • For a sewer system upgrade application the fee is $20.00. This price does not include a 911 yard sign.
  • For Recreation or Agricultural Structures, the fee will be $20.00. This price does not include a 911 yard sign.
  • Boat houses and Electronic Gates are $20.00 and no sign is included.

We sell 911 yard signs for $15.00 each. We also sell Union Parish Maps for $15.00 each.

The method of payment needs to be either cash or check.

If sandbags are needed during severe weather, during the hours of 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM, call the Union Parish Police Jury Public Works Department at 318-368-8019. After their business hours, call Union Parish E-911 at 318-368-1040 or 1041.

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